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We are one of the most exclusive property management companies in Palm Beach County..
Experience peace of mind that comes from hiring an expert management team to help homeowners maximize and grow their vacation rental income.
MyHosti is responsible for collecting rent, taking care of financial accounts, problem solving tenant issues, attending to repairs, working on upkeep of property and enforcing lease compliance.
We provide superior products for your AirBnb rental. Check us out!


We Are A Professional Rental Management Company in Palm Beach County

We know what it takes to run a successful vacation rental business. While maintaining our own vacation rental properties, we’ve acquired comprehensive knowledge and experience to provide superior service for our clients. Our mission is to deliver exceptional customer service that gives owners peace of mind and brings guests a seamlessly efficient experience from booking to checkout. Rest assured that you are working with the best when you trust MyHosti for your short-and long-term rental properties.

Clients & Testimonials

Luis R.
regular user

“MyHosti has helped me maximize my property revenue. I’m currently working with the team on two more vacation rentals. | couldn’t be happier with the results that I’ve achieved on the road to financial freedom.”

Hector M.
new customer

“I’ve worked with other property management companies before where I felt like | was invisible. MyHosti took great care to make me feel heard and understand my needs. I have one thousand percent confidence in the MyHosti team.”

Alicia S.
regular customer

“Five-star quality service. It was a pleasure to work with the MyHosti team.”

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